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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The bored chameleon left the white bear in search for a new adventure and colour.
In the Brown village one could not survive without money. Chameleon turned brown like the rich merchants.
In the Blue village he had no friends. Everyone put a distance between each other and was afraid of becoming neighbours. It was so cold that he turned blue.
But it got colder and colder... and the chameleon began to miss the bear for the first time.
The wise white turtle said to him, "you must learn to love the ones who are the closest to you." The chameleon missed the old bear.
When the tired chameleon finally returned back to the green place, the old bear did not say anything. Instead, he gave the colourful chameleon a big long hug.

One may gain many experiences in various places in life, but I think it is very important to have that one place to which one can return, where one is certain to receive a welcome and be able to rest, either to settle down or to set off again.

Since I left my parents' place after high school, I have lived in different home every year, out of my choice. Now when I go back to visit my old folks, once or twice a year, my room is no longer really mine, and the town is no longer the one in which I grew up, either. Especially after the Canterbury earthquakes that changed Christchurch for ever. However, even if Christchurch is no longer the same, it is still my home town, where I have spent my childhood.

As to where I feel the most connection in the world... If not Christchurch, again, then it will be Auckland, because every time I come back to the super city, I discover more and more things about it that I like. As I have evolved, Auckland has evolved with me. The city has definitely grown on me, though I still would not say I am a JAFA, even after having called it my home for the past six years.

I have no idea where I will settle down after gaining another experience and another colour, here in Korea. Probably back to New Zealand, but maybe to a third city, who knows? For how long? We will see. The only thing I am sure of, is that the big old white bear is my Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, my home.

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