Hanging with the twins

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One of the reasons I came to Korea was to meet up with my cousins again, and also the new additions of my extended family, especially the babies.
I had just missed out on these cuties' birth last year when I visited J in LA when she was heavily pregnant with them. My stay had gotten extended but when I called to let her know in the hopes of meeting up with her once more, she told me over the phone, "I'm having the babies at the moment, let's talk later." She was having the babies. Then she was too busy with her hands suddenly full with these live creatures thrust into the world from inside of her (haha) and so I didn't get to spend time with the boys until a year and a half later, in Korea. 

They are absolutely adorable. Having two babies instead one is definitely crazy. They are little trouble makers, little monkeys, going from one place to another, climbing over things, sliding down things, awwwww....

Can't wait to be with them again, soon!!!!

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