Morning stroll in the park

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Went for a jog - it wasn't even a run - for the first time in a month, and now am feeling it. It feels good to be moving after hours sitting in front of a computer all day.

The local park has a huge lake, and around it a few cultural learning places. One of them is really interesting, because it is a museum of toilets. Haha.
Yes, you read it correctly. A museum of the history of pooping places. There's a European part and an Asian part, with the first Roman flushing toilets and the high heels invented to prevent dirtying your feet and dresses in the dirty streets of Paris. The long drops and the basins to the chairs of all sorts of decorations.

Was amusing yet informative ;)

Then there was a green house full of cacti. Tall ones and tiny ones, fat ones and curly ones... So many different kinds!
You could buy some of them, as well. I may buy one as a present soon. I love growing plants and especially herbs. They look nice and sometimes they smell nice and taste nice as well.

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