Osaka day 2: Osaka Castle

Monday, November 26, 2012

After the old temple, onto the old castle. It's not that old though. The original was burnt down in ashes, so a newer version was constructed in its place, keeping to the original form as much as possible, but without being too sure.
 Goodness, it was lovely day. Even if the photos all came out too dark because of it.
 The castle was surrounded by inner and outer moats.
 The two Chinese sculptures were stolen by the Japanese during the wars, but then the Chinese decided to give them as presents. They stand here as symbols of China-Japan friendship.
 The sun too bright.
 It'd be lovely to go running around here.
 Cats love this area, for some reason, apparently, according to a sign I saw not far from this black cat staring at me. Think that's what the sign said, anyway...
 The huge as poodle like dog scared me as it came out from around the wall to the left, when I was trying to take a photo of the castle.

 The only photo with me inside during the whole Osaka trip. It's one of the down sides of travelling alone. The sun was really bright, haha.

 Nearer the foot of the main tower were lots of tourists.
 Light snack lunch of broccoli, green beans and scallops. Yum, but was too little, haha. Only made me hungrier.
 From the top of Osaka castle. The Osaka skyline.
 The old public museum?! The lucky golden decoration which was believed to put out fire, or something...
 A group of kindergarteners on a field trip, lining up for stamps. Cuteness in little yellow hats.
 On the castle grounds there was a time capsule from the 1970 International Expo. Inside are two capsules, to be opened at specific times. They contain memories and curiosities of the twentieth centuries. The latter one is to be opened in the year 5970?! Wow, wouldn't it to be cool to be present on that day?
 A photo shoot of a couple in traditional attire.
 Gardeners in blue tending to the trees.

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