Osaka day 2: Shitennoji Temple

Monday, November 26, 2012

Just a stop away from the hostel was Shitennoji Temple. There are many temples in Osaka and surrounding cities like Kyoto and Nara, but I chose to go only to Shitennoji because it's the oldest governmental temple in Japan. From Shitennoji-Mae Yuhigaoka Station on the purple subway Tanimachi line the temple was just a few minutes' walk.
 I found many beautiful architecture styles in Osaka, such as this.
 The gateway to the temple. I don't think it was the main one, but anyhow.
 I have no idea what all the different houses meant.
 There were many slabs crowded next to each other.
 Also clothed.
Who are these dead resting here? Are they monks? or high government officials? There was no one to ask and no explanations anywhere.
 The day was beautiful; the turtles equally enjoyed the sun.
 The famous five-storey pagoda.

 A mourning happening in one of the houses. Candles lit in memory of loved ones.

 Spin the handle for good luck.
 Buddhas everywhere.
 While I was taking a photo here a Japanese lady approached me, asking for directions. In Japanese. Hmm... Sumimasen. I cannot help you, sorry.

 A tiny house sandwiched between two large modern buildings.
Water! I stopped by Okawa River on the way to Osaka Castle.
 Still on the same purple subway line, at Temmabashi Station.
 Time for medication. My cold needed attention, I decided, and bought pills in the morning. I had no way of understanding the writings on the box, but hoped I had made myself clear to the pharmacist that I had a runny nose and headaches from the cold.
 Doubly packaged. Careful Japanese...
Please go away, cold.

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