2012 in Aotearoa

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The year 2012 began in NZ Aotearoa but took me over to South Korea half way, with a brief visit to Japan.

These were some of my goals for this year.

  • Fun with friends and family
  • Lots of good work - uni and otherwise
  • Keep in touch with friends 
  • No new clothes (nor second hand clothes) shopping!
  • No boys... for a while.
  • Happy happy smiles 2012 :)
...Some of these you know I couldn't keep.

2012 is leaving us soon, and so it's time to look back on what this year had brought me. It's also time to say thanks to a lot of people who had been meaningful to me this year; probably every year for a while:

Thank you Dad and Mum for always supporting me in all that I do, despite my inability to stay in one place for long. I miss you so much this Christmas we are spending apart! I miss talking to Mum, even if on the phone, regularly. The only memory of being with Dad seems to be the wine tasting in July :( Hopefully we will be able to spend some more time together next year.

My little sister, C, thank you for being my flattie for the half-year. It's been interesting, and we've both experienced a lot. Thank you Gran, also, for letting me live with you for the rest of the year, though now you are away. It's not always been an easy time sharing a space with someone who may be close in blood but have not really been close physically before.

Thank you for being such a lovely friend. You have let me dump all my junk to you while I am away, you trust me with your secrets and I am lucky to have you as my confidante as well. I miss op shopping with you and your house parties.

Thank you for our almost-daily chats. We've moved from Facebook and Skype to G Chat and App talk. We are chatting even as I write this :) I guess we have evolved in a way, and yet we are still the same. How annoying that we are never in the same place at the same time. Anyhow, I'll talk to you later.

H, your hen party and wedding were definitely one of the memorable events of this year, they were so fun and you were so beautiful! Thank you for inviting me to your special day, and I hope you and E are enjoying the new house.

Thank you for being my Valentine, D. I hope the chocolates have left your fridge by now, please. You've worked so hard this year, so enjoy your Summer holidays while you can. Am waiting by the post box, and for March.

Hey, C, I really enjoyed the epic Tongariro trip, so thank you. As well as the meat parties at your place. Hope you and G have a wonderful end-of-the -year together. I haven't been able to use the rolling pin as much this year, but I can't wait to use it again to bake soon.

de mi lugar de comidos favorito, ?como estas? Aun pienso que estas mono como los Beatles ;) Gracias por el tiempo divertido, jaja.

Thanks for joining me on my cafe explores, in Downtown Auckland, especially to Mezze (but then everyone's been to Mezze because of me, haha), and  Whangarei. Finally, Whangarei, haha. See you next year!

Thank you C for the wonderful surprise birthday call, it was totally unexpected and had totally made my day.

S, thank you for the Round the Bays, it was so fun to train and then to run it with someone. I was so proud of ourselves ;) I miss going to the art gallery (and the café) with you. I can't wait to meet you again in a couple of days' time!

J, thank you for being such a nice supervisor. I know I promised you pictures, and I will send them soon!

Thank you for coming to visit us in NZ earlier this year. It was fun showing you around my little corner of the world. Waiheke island and Queenstown! Thank you also for helping me out in Seoul. I hope our trip away this week will be just as fun.

Dakujem, M, best cooker. Korea is getting colder and colder, it's a white Christmas this year. Too cold! Have your exams finished? Ahoy :)

Auntie N, thank you for taking care of me while I'm here in Seoul, worrying over me. We will go on a date as soon as possible in Itaewon.

Thank you for helping me move in that hot Summer day, borrowing your mate's van to load my bed and beloved armchair. Guess what. I had to sell them both :( But still. Still planning to go to Aus, or are you already there? Haven't talked to you in a while.

Hey K, hope you are having fun in Malaysia with your family. Sorry I couldn't help your bro's gf out. Thank you for honest opinions, as always, and especially this year, the wonderful birthday dinner you took me out to :)

Thank you for choosing me as your bridesmaid, despite being so far away when I said I wouldn't leave until your wedding day. I can't wait to see you soon in your white dress!

Merci Séoul pour le stage à FKCCI, pour l'équipe super. Merci R pour ton aide importante, et Y pour le voyage à Busan. Vous êtes très mignonnes les filles ! Merci et H et D et T pour le tour de Séoul. Merci pour le réunion de 7 ans avec A, et pour les dates avec J.

En plus, X, je suis desolée qu'on ne parle plus à FB, boohoo. Bientôt j'espère ! And, last but not least, D, tu me manques !

Thank you everyone for making 2012 such a wonderful year. A lot had happened, and you all took part in it.  Please have a safe and fun end of the year, and cheers to an awesome 2013!

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