Smart Living Tip: A wise tiger told me

Friday, December 28, 2012

I met a wise Asian tiger once at an office opening event.

He told me the importance of prioritising even the small tasks, because they will grow to be too huge to handle if left unattended.

Equally important was time, or time zone, management. Three important emails, from London, Singapore and San Francisco, arrive at the same time all requiring your special attention. Which will you attend to the first? Well, from Seoul, the order will go from Singapore, London and then San Francisco. In the direction of the Sun rising, so each receiver can open up their inbox in the morning to see my replies waiting for them.

Lastly, are you happy? Answer it well, it will show if you are a positive or a negative person.

On an after note, my younger cousin TH adds that to speak well, you must first listen well.

All very valuable advices. Thank you.

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