Dinner place: Koko pelle

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pasta place in Gangnam, near work. We had a special dinner in celebration of R's leaving. Koko pelle is an Italian place but the interior is more South American. There are secluded private dining areas as well as an open spaced one. The pastas were nice; ordered a tomato based seafood dish and a cream based one. But I liked the pizzas more. There was a gorgonzola and a house special. Guess which was my favourite? I love the light blue notes of gorgonzola, drizzled with honey. I was so hungry I just delved into it. Forgot even to use my knife and fork! With salad and warm bread and red wine accompaniments, it was a really good dinner. We came out into the freezing winter evening and hurried home, not even realising we had missed the first proper snow in the Korea capital. 

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