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Friday, December 21, 2012

Taking advantage of some quiet time at work, I sneaked a visit to the Lomography site. I have taken an interest to analogue photography last year, and especially the fun Lomography cameras thanks to D.

D is proud owner to two Lomography cameras - a Diana with various colour strips, and a Fish eye. With these cute light toys she makes wonderful nostalgic memories, printed and stuck on her walls in Paris. 

I got to visit Lomography stores in Paris and Barcelona last year. When I found out about the Lomography store being in Hongdae, Seoul, I knew I would have to search it out during my stay here. 

On the Friday afternoon I looked up the site to find the exact address, I was also made aware of a film preview screening in-store, on the same evening, at 7pm. Perfect timing, I could go there straight after work! The other reason pushing me to go that night was because they were offering 10% discount vouchers to those who attended the screening. Yoopee, I am so going to get one of their products for myself before I leave (I love giving myself gifts, though I shouldn't spoil myself so often).
Lomography Seoul isn't the easiest place to find. I almost regretted having tagged along a colleague, because I felt so bad about being lost. We tried to calm our hungry stomachs with soft drinks and popcorns as we took seats on the beaten leather couch in front of the screen.
The movie with previewed here because some of the shots were made using one of Lomography products. They were recognisable by their long thin horizontal strip sequences, with more subdued colours. We were half an hour late, but the screening hadn't started yet. The director and actors were chatting amongst themselves. I love indie movies, the small cosiness of the screenings. Unfortunately, the movie was more than an hour long, longer than we were prepared to stay. Plus the storyline was not appealing to either of us. I was expecting a more pretty dream like storyline that depicts Lomography for me.  

The film was in fact about a dysfunctional American couple living in Korea, with all the typical cultural misunderstandings, mostly unflattering though true in many cases. The film talks about cultural differences, which inevitably goes into racism, as well as male and female relationship and sexist differences in both cultures. For example, it is okay for the American girlfriend to wear a mini dress for dinner because: one, she wants to look nice and sexy for her unromantic American boyfriend, and two, because over the knee is not considered short in Korea unless it's practically up to the waist.
We only saw a little bit before we decided to leave for dinner, so I don't know how it ended, but I wish the film crew all the best for their project. I was happy with the discount voucher on my part, and cannot wait to get my own Lomography camera soon, though I should probably work on shooting better first.

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  1. Je garde bien aussi le coupon de 10% de reduction! keke

    1. Tu acheteras un Lomo aussi alors?! hehe


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