Lunch place: Tomatillo

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gangnam Finance Center connected through Yeoksam Station on line 2 has many selections of restaurants for the office workers in the area. It's always crowded and there are many foreigners about too. The last time we tried a Korean chicken place, but this time round M and I went to Tomatillo, for some Mexican food. Mmm!! 

Tacos for M, burrito for yo, filling to the max. 

As always, tacos are better soft than hard, in my opinion. It's easier to eat when the shells are soft. Also, as with any wraps such as burritos and kebabs, the dripping sauce in the lower end always poses a bit of a problem for me. Less sauce please, perhaps? At least it's not the actual fillings that fall out, as is the case with me when eating hamburgers. Maybe it's something to do with my small mouth...

Tomatillo, the Taco place - Yeoksam GFC
Open 7 days a week
M-F 7.30am - 10pm 
Weekends 11am - 10pm
GFC (Star Tower) B2, 737 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
02 2112 3883 

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