Snack place: Jaws ddukbokki

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jaws ddukbokki has the spiciest ddukbokki of any ddukbokki places I have been so far. They seem to get spicier each time I go, whether it be for lunch or dinner. Nevertheless, it is my favourite ddukbokki place in Seoul. Probably because it is also the place I have been to the most, due to its proximity to work. 

Other than the spicy sauced rice cakes, Jaws also serves soondae differently from other places. Jaws' soondaes have nuts inside, and it's definitely one of the main reasons I like about them. Also, the odengs here are really nice. Despite the small size of the interior, they definitely have lots of flavours packed inside. All the workers here are male, though that hasn't really been entered into the flavour factor equation...

Jaws ddukbokki - Yeoksam Station (exit 8)
1F, Yeoksam-dong 670-21, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Ph. 02 556 5435

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