Snow in Seoul

Monday, December 10, 2012

There's snow in Seoul! It started snowing here last week. Lots. Quite suddenly it's very much winter and it's pretty definitely cold. Freezing.
The snow is getting thicker and the roads are icy and covered. If you walk in it without an umbrella, the fluffy snow blows into your face and gets into your nose as your breathe in.
Office building guardians are kept busy clearing the streets of snow. It's not the greatest of jobs, especially when the snow won't stop.
Nearer home, the snow is less trampled upon, so still pretty white and not as icy. I love the podge podge sound it makes as I step onto the snow.
Fresh snow is lovely too, but no snow angels for me, sorry. Snow is beautiful, but best enjoyed in the warmth of my apartment or the office, looking out. 

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