Drink place: Moonhyang

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

So many people had told me about this Korean rice wine (magulli) in a chestnut flavour, which is meant to be so good, especially in the Hongdae area. I was curious to try. S took us to Moonhyang, a magulli specialising place. It was much more expensive than other places, but the food was good at least. 
The plates and cups were pretty, too. They could put more effort in heating up the place, though. When it's freezing outside, people want to be warm when sitting indoors! The chestnut flavour wasn't strong at first but it grew with each sip. Was a quick dinner and we skated our way back home afterwards. It's so icy outside these days!!! I fell down twice on the night :( Ouch, my bum.

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