Jeju day 1 in Loveland

Thursday, January 03, 2013

My last trip in Korea! Jeju island! I have been wanting to go to Jeju for years. 
The reason I wanted to come to Jeju? Mount Halla, the tallest mountain in Korea. Unfortunately I actually haven't been able to climb it this time. But that was okay, I still got to see a lot of Jeju besides.
I was surprised by all the regional specialities that were waiting for me to be tasted. Our first meal was at the markets, for a platter of raw fish. 
In season and oh so delicious! This was more than plenty for the both of us, that we had to skip the stew course that usually follows. 
Dessert was these Crunches, rice bubbles covered in flavoured chocolate, that is a popular souvenir from Jeju. We bought two flavours, berry and tangerine, both of which are famous on the island.
Our first attraction was Loveland, an unusual theme park near Jeju city. As one can probably guess from its name, everything about this theme park is about love. More specifically, the place has many sculpture works on sexual love, which makes for an interesting visit. 
The tour takes about 40 minutes, the pamphlet said. The path is marked by a friendly sign, guiding us the way.
Little details, such as the little pigs on the spotlight lamps made me smile. Cute, haha.
Ladies, are you not cold in the chilly winter evening in the nude? Even if it's much warmer than in Seoul, it's still close to 0 degrees!
I made a friend! Haha, though our friendship only lasted but a few minutes...
Little did I know that this would be the most relaxed day in Jeju we will get to spend. By the time our tour of Loveland ended, the intercity buses had stopped. We had wanted to go down to South Jeju in order to start our sightseeing early in the morning. We were forced to cancel our reservation at the hostel and sleep in a nearby motel recommended by the taxi driver who picked us up, instead. It proved to be a good choice, though, in the end. 

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