Jeju Ollae walk on day three

Monday, January 07, 2013

Two of Jeju's famous fruit, the big Hallabong and Jeju mandarin. They are so juicy and delicious, but unfortunately I ate too much and got quite unwell on the last full day of our Jeju trip. 
It was unfortunate that I had chosen this day to be sick - really, it wasn't my choice - because we had planned to go on an Ollae walk then. Ollae walks are the Korean version of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. It's not a religious pilgrimage route, but I guess walking for hours along the scenic coasts of Jeju can be a pretty thought provoking and moral or spiritual searching time, too.
There are twenty courses in the Ollae walk. We chose the route number six. It was supposed to take us around 5 hours, but we got a little lost in the end, and ended up walking for around 8 hours total. You can imagine how exhausted we were in the end. 
The routes are marked by these horses symbolic to the Jeju island, and blue and orange arrows and/or ribbons. 
We walked along the waters, through bushes, on asphalt roads, on dirt roads, through car parks and roadwork sites. We kept walking, stopping only for quite mandarin rests. 
As always, the deep blue turquoise waters. Amazing. 
What a shame that I was feeling a little unwell. Think it must have been the rice wine I had the night before, but I wasn't feeling flash at all when this picture was taken. A while later I ended up throwing up all that was inside me at the time - which wasn't much, mostly just more Jeju mandarins, haha. It made me fee a bit better, and the beautiful scene along the day helped, but the sickness stayed with me the whole weekend. Argh, not fun.
Feeling unwell didn't stop me from continuing with the journey though. I had absolutely wanted to come and see Jeju during my time in Korea. Who knows when I will come back here again? Plus I didn't want to ruin it for N because of me, either. And look, how beautiful Jeju is. It was like I was in South East Asia, or something. I didn't feel like I was in Korea at all. 
Jeju is like New Zealand, in a way. The natural beauties of the island, of course, but also the wide size of the roads and road signs, the somewhat lack of people about, and I guess the warm climate of the day in South Jeju all reminded me of home. 
It truly was a beautiful few days in Jeju, not at all winter!
After having spent many a hours exercising our sore legs, we finally arrived back in town for dinner. One of the unusual things we ate on the trip was this mackerel gimbap. That's actually a whole mackerel wrapped with rice and seaweed! It looks funny and weird, but the taste is okay, though I don't really like fish in quite the same way...

N and I headed north to sleep closer to the airport for an early flight back up to Seoul the next day. Contrary to the warm sunny weather we had enjoyed in Jeju during our trip, it was snowing afresh in Seoul when we got back. Brrr! It's snowing a lot this winter here...

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