Lunch place: Le Saint-Ex

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Cousin N and I made a reservation at le Saint-Ex in Itaewon for a luxurious French brunch yesterday. I had promised her a French meal before I left. Aunt N was supposed to join us but she ended up not coming, unfortunately. Le Saint-Ex is deemed the most reasonable French restaurant in Seoul by my French and Korean colleagues alike. I had to take N here. We had a brunch set with sheep and salad, and duck confit for me. I thought the duck was more soft than the sheep, but N thought otherwise. Gravy with the mutton suit N fine because she is currently receiving treatment for a root canal and so her teeth are a bit sensitive these days. For dessert it was crumbled apples. I love the crumbly bits on the top! It was such a filling meal. We took our time enjoying it, and it was a lovely start to a fun-filled day. 

Afterwards we did some shopping. I scored a cute pair of moccasins at this shoe place with two ugly but still cute bulldogs, who at one point tried to rip each other apart until the owners tore them away from each other. N got a yellow hat that really suited her. We took another side trip to the Islam mosque, also in Itaewon, before heading to the cinemas for a screening of Life of Pi. I had already enjoyed the book very much, and was pleased to see that the film followed the original story closely. The cinematography was amazing. The sealife was shown in a mind blowing Natural Geographic manner, it was almost like a documentary show of all the many marine lives in the ocean. Of course N found the end turning point bewildering. I was spared the shock since I already knew what was coming. Beautiful movie and story, I highly recommend it to people. Have you seen it yet?

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