Lunch place: Miss Lee

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SA and I've been wanting to come here for a while, every time we passed by Miss Lee cafe on our way to Ssamji-gil from Anguk Station, exit one.
Inside are wishing papers everywhere, hanging from the branches of a huge tree at the centre of the room, but also by the windows and every imaginable nooks and crooks possible.
There are two special menus that are famous at the place - the bento and ice cream, both in the style of the olden days... I'm not really sure how old, but I think it must be somewhere between the period of our parents' school days.
The souvenir lunch have characteristic yellow tinned lidded box and bowls. There is a special technique to how to enjoy the bento lunch, as shown in the menu booklet.
First. Open the lid to mix the contents inside. Kimchi, rice, fried egg, sausages, seaweed sprinkles on top. 
Second. Mix, so the kimchi liquid doesn't splatter everywhere later.
Third. Close the lid and shake! shake! shake!
Four. Enjoy the red rice. Yum!

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