Seoul 3: HJ

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seoul is a big city with so many places to go and things to do and see and eat! Since my Seoul experiences are not wholly representative of all that is on offer here, I've asked a few friends about their Seoul. Here are three random things Seoul means to them, be it everyday or on special outings. Let's check them out!

HJ is a scientist. She started studying biomedical science a year after I had, and we became friends because I was friends with her elder sister. Having finished her postgraduate diploma at the end of last year, she is currently looking for a job - aren't we all?!

At one of her favourite Seoul places, they sell Mayak gimbap - translated literally, marijuana sushi. But no, it's not a druggie place, it just so happens that the gimbaps here are so delicious you get hooked at one bite. Like so many good eating places in Korea, this place has featured in many television shows, and attract many tourists.

To try some Mayak gimbap, you must visit Gwangjang market. It's a street market full of merchandisers, and hey sell lots of Korean street foods at stalls like these:
HJ prefers to sit down and relax in front of a screen - especially a movie screen at Myungdong CGV. Contrary to her quiet personality, she sure does like loud and crowded places! Because Myungdong is one of the tourist-infested, and therefore, always packed, places in Seoul. It's a maze of shopping mall streets and restaurants at the heart of Seoul, North of the Han river. A must visit place when in Seoul, definitely!

[Thank you YH for the photos]

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