Team building day with colleagues

Sunday, January 13, 2013

We took a day out of the offices for a bit of social play last Friday. The promised breakfast part got forgotten somewhere along the way, but the morning brainstorming exercises on what we liked about the past 2012 and what we would like to achieve in 2013 at work was lucrative. 
After lunch together - we had shabu shabu again, like at the Christmas work lunch, think E really likes it - we all went for a walk. First up was a UNESCO heritage site where the tombs from the Joseon Dynasty can be found. It was a quiet, protected area, a peaceful sanctuary within the surrounding tall ugly city buildings. 
Next we went to this temple. Bongeunsa. The city council are trying to move the temple to another city, but I don't really see how that can be possible. It's a big beautiful temple where many people still frequent, and even runs temple stays for foreigners and locals alike. The mystic creature above is Haetae, like one of the major brands of Korean foods. 
I wish I could come to these places with someone who actually knows about the religion. I love the colourfully painted wooden ceilings. But do they mean anything?!
Team play at a bowling alley provided a natural transition to the evening filled with lots of meat, drinks, and laughter. Fun Friday night with the work people :)

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