The 1st Salon du Chocolat in Seoul

Monday, January 21, 2013

Chocolates, chocolates, everywhere! This isn't the Chocolate factory of Charlie's, but a Coex exhibition hall in Seoul this weekend. 

This is Seoul's first Chocolate expo, and my first, also, so I was sure to visit each stall for a glimpse of their products amongst the horde of people present.
Ooh, flavoured chocolate! As a regular visitor to the local Chocolate store in Auckland, I am used to tasting the sweetness mixed in with flavours such as salt, chili, lemongrass, etc., but I don't think these pairings are familiar to the Koreans, yet.

The Ivory Coast lady rubbing a bit of cacao butter into the back of my hand. As well as being the main ingredient to the chocolates, the cacao butter is often used in cosmetics.
"Do you use the butter everyday?"
"Well, no."
Haha, so not for the average use, then, normally.
Chocolate art!
I was taking photos of everything, and getting JY and MS to take them for me (I really need to get a better camera). Thank you JY and MS for these photos! :)
There were so many chocolate arts. Not only for the mouth, but also sweet on the eyes.

It's a shame we weren't allowed to taste everything, though. Because, look. Chocolate made from camel milk! I wonder how these would taste.
Still, I was happy to get to try many others. This one in the picture was my favourite. Fresson chocolate, the oldest chocolate factory in France, says its bag. The French salesperson was very friendly, and we just had to get some for our friends and family!
Demos by the chefs from Cordon Bleu.
Guess what this is. Lipstick?! Well done, but lipstick made of chocolate! In three flavours - dark, white, milk.
Mine was dark, haha.
In one corner, there were cultural shows in schedule. Tango dance.
Indian gypsy dance.
Lots of people. So many so that I bumped into my cousins and JY ran into an old friend. Actually, there were friends who had been there at the same time whom we didn't even bump into, so you can imagine how crowded the place was.
Theobroma! It's the hormone that is released when you eat chocolates. The Japanese chocolatier signing boxes of his creations for those who line up and pay. Unfortunately I didn't, 
but I did get a cute individually packed marzipan chocolate from this pink caravan with a nice sales lady who posed for us. It had been ages since I last tasted marzipan. Yum!

Can't believe we stayed in the show grounds for over three hours. They were long sweet hours after which we were exhausted, but it was so much fun! :)

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