Tim Burton exhibition at SeMA

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tim Burton is one of my favourite film directors. He is eccentric and weird and imaginative and extraordinary. I still remember the first time I watched 'Edward Scissorhands.' Such a fairytale!
When I first heard about the MoMA exhibition in New York, I was so disappointed that I couldn't go!
But! Thanks Hyundai and SeMA for bringing the exhibition here while I'm in Seoul.
Welcome to the fascinating world of Tim Burton, from the childhood in a small American town to international stardom-present.
There were soooo many people with the same mindset. From the line at the ticketing booth, to the 20-minute wait for the actual exhibition entry. Then the line inside were also extremely long. But it was still worth it.
I haven't seen this one yet. On my list, now.
Tim Burton likes to treat dark subjects, like ghosts and Halloween and aliens and lonely outside people... But they are portrayed in a lovable ways.
His handwriting and drawing techniques and styles have evolved throughout the years. He likes to deform his people's figures, accentuating the upper half and elongating the legs, for example.
He loves to rhyme, and often writes poems. Musicals are also another favourite, it seems. 'Sweeney Todd', 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' are some of his works that have had singing actors.
Stripes and swirls are recurring motifs. SA and I really wanted to buy the souvenir playing cards and the number postcards, but they were all sold out, boohoo. 
It was also unfortunate that no photos were allowed in the exhibition rooms. I made do with the wall of illusts. Here with Batman :)

Tim Burton exhibition runs until 14th of April. If you are in town, definitely check it out.

Seoul Museum of Art
City Hall Station, exit 10
M-F 10am-8pm
S-S 10am - 6pm
1,2000 won

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