Ballerina who loved a Bboy

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I thought it was the bboy who loved the ballerina, but it turns out it was the other way around. 
Even more than the story of the show itself, I enjoyed the personalities of the performers more.
I guess that's what drives the success of Ballerina who loved a Bboy. The story is quite simple. It's just like the many dance stories out there, like Step Up, or, the classic, Save the Last Dance. Except maybe it's the girl liking the boy, not the boy liking the girl first.
Dancers range from fit breakdancers with six-packs to almost gymnast-like acrobatic dancers, to funny comic dancers.
The audience was encouraged to take heaps of photos and to make heaps of noise.
So, there's this cool dude who's the top dancer in the crew.
Then the others are pretty much his mates.
But these classic ballet dancing girls come into the scene.
Guess which one's the main girl, who likes the bboy?! Haha.
 Despite not getting accepted by the bboy's dance crew at first,
the ballet girl shows that she can also put on some hiphop moves, so the bboy and the ballerina become a couple. Aw... The end ;)

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