Dinner place: Soondae at Seoul University Entrance

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Seoul University Entrace area is, so they say, famous for baeksoondae. It's soondae fried on a hot plate mixed with noodles, rice cakes and veges and a generous heap of ground sesame seeds.
Then there is the hotter version.
There's this building full of these soondae places, and it was amazing to be entering the floor and getting bombarded with, 'eat here, eat here, come here, our place is really delicious.' The yellow signs designate different shops, without walls separating each other, and really, distinctions. They all have the same price, they all serve the same things. Some do have more customers than others, though, but for me, that is if you look around really hard. 
We chose this place, because we thought there were more people under this sign.
For a serving for two it costs 14000 won, and it comes with free soft drinks. Cheap alert! If you are in Seoul and want a unique eating experience, here's the place. I felt like I had been transported out of Seoul and the place was reminiscent of a South Asian food market, almost. Cool dinner experience.

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