Drinking place: My bloomy (꽃피는청춘)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

University areas are always full of eating and drinking places, and are usually cheaper than others. We found a place that's as pretty as if in rich-Garosugil, but which serves cocktails with friendlier price tags. 

My bloomy's cocktails are 8000 wons. They have beers and an extensive wine list, too. Along with our colourful cocktail concoctions we ordered a fruit punch. Was impressed with the various fruits in generous amounts: kiwis, strawberries... I don't quite remember what else, chopped and with milk and sprite poured over. 

I remember the watermelon punch Mum used to make, especially on my seventh birthday. She cut out the watermelon into a basket with a zigzag handle, and filled with bite sized watermelon balls submerged in coke.  The cold red balls, once popped into the small mouths of my friends and I, oozed out tangy sweet juice with each bite, quenching out the thirst of ten noisy excited little things. 

Two summer recipes to try out soon.

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