First week back in Aotearoa

Friday, February 15, 2013

It's already been a week since I landed back in Aotearoa. Going from 20 cm deep snow to 20 plus Celcius degrees in heat, was an inexpressible joy to say the least. I wish it was a bit hotter, actually!

The first weekend was spent in an echanting forest celebrating a marriage of one of my oldest friends, then a family barbecue at the dream retirement spot with a paddock, a decent sized vege patch, a cool wooden house, a lake... I want!!

Recipe to try out: Beetroot, carrot & mint salad. This red red sald is so so nice!!!

from SimplyRecipes
Back in Auckland, I was set to move in as soon as possible. Well, that hasn't quite happened yet, but at least we got an apartment sorted out quickly. We are moving into a decent sized two-bedroomed place in the CBD area today. We, S and I, had been flatmates back in 2010, the year before I went over to Paris. We have also been friends since high school, and had come up to Auckland together to start our uni lices. It will be good to live with her again, this time as young professionals... Once I get a full time job, that is!

I would love to work with you (full-time), please!
I am looking for a job in Communications, PR & Events, backed by my experience in Seoul. Also in HR, because I love meeting new people and keeping in contact with them, from all sorts of cultural backgrounds - I am a culture collector!
Please check out my LinkedIn profile, as well as this blog to get to know me better.

No Internet set up at home, and no more smartphone either, so sorry for those who have been trying to get in contact with me without success. I will let you know when I am better connected, again :)

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