Lunch place: Bino

Monday, February 11, 2013

The last week of Korea at work was a humbling time for me, because the people I'd spent the six months with really made me feel special and loved, taking me out for last meals together, and gifts, hugs and kisses.
They weren't even all from my own department, but the neighbouring ones, with whom I had become friends. The publications department took me out to Bino, a casual Italian buffet restaurant at a short walking distance from work.
Bino, short from bistronomy and vino (wine), had a lovely selection of fine European dining at a smaller, more relaxed scale, with the possibility of private dining if desired.
I loved the colourful variety of salads and meat dishes, and the clean presentation.

The interior is kept to a minimal cleanliness. 
It seemed like the perfect setting for a private party, with a small stage for classy entertainment. It felt all the more so because of the pouring rain outside. The sound of rain pours romanticises everything... if one is dry and warm indoors, of course. 
My selections of main meals.
  The dangers of buffet eating is that you are inclined to overeat. 
I was careful not to, because I needed to save some space in my stomach for desserts.
There were three sweet servings in bite portions, along with fresh fruit and coffee/tea.
Tiramisu and the cheese cake were okay; I opted for fresh juice rather than black coffee, myself.
I was impressed with the vanilla dessert, though I am not quite sure what it was exactly. It was soft, a little like jelly or pudding, but not overly sweet. It would have been wonderful with coffee, too.
Merci M et K pour m'avoir y amener ici pour un déjeuner super sympa ! 

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