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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Seoul is a big city with so many places to go and things to do and see and eat! Since my Seoul experiences are not wholly representative of all that is on offer here, I've asked a few friends about their Seoul. Here are three random things Seoul means to them, be it everyday or on special outings. Let's check them out!

F and I were colleagues at the Chamber in Seoul. She hails from Lyon, France, where she owns a lovely apartment with a fuchsia pink kitchen. When H, her decade-long friend, invited her on a year's adventure in Asia, F was brave enough to accept and fly half way across the world on a working holiday visa.

Turns out, Korean working holiday visas for Frenchies are free, lucky things. Wish it were that easy for other countries!

Anyway, as qualified web designers and IT experts, there are no shortage of jobs for these two, by the sounds of it. Why didn't I think of becoming a computer geek, too? Goodness knows I love the Internet. From F I have learnt a lot about website designing and she has encouraged me with many tips on typography (, photography and video editing tools, plus many more.

Thanks to F, I have been able to see a lot more of Seoul this time round. It's always awesome to meet a group of friends who get along well, and I guess F and her friends have been my French mates to hang around with these past six months.

My most memorable trips with F are: the Secret Garden in one of the palaces off Anguk Station (as well as all the other places we walked to - was a loooong day), the trek up Bukhansan one fine autumn day (beautiful panorama of Seoul and beyond, stunning foliage), and the Les Miserables movie date last month after the Anish Kapoor exhibition at Leeum.

And guess what? When I asked F of her favourite places in Seoul, she also said the Secret Garden and Bukhansan! So I'm guessing she's enjoyed spending time with me as well?! Whew, haha, thanks F!

If there's another place F visited frequently in Seoul, it'll definitely be Bunker in Apgujeong. It's a bar with a club feel where foreigners like to hang out. They only have a half-hour happy hour, but their cocktails come in bucket sizes, so you better line up. As well as loud music there's a pool table and a dart board. Fun times.

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  1. J'adore ton article Vivian ! Je suis vraiment contente de t'avoir rencontré à Séoul ! On a passé de bon moment ^^ Tu restes une vrai amie dans mon coeur malgré la distance qui nous sépare T_T on arrivera à se revoir ! Continue bien ta vie ! Gros bisous à tout bientôt sur katalk ^^ FF


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