Seoul 3: JY

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seoul is a big city with so many places to go and things to do and see and eat! Since my Seoul experiences are not wholly representative of all that is on offer here, I've asked a few friends about their Seoul. Here are three random things Seoul means to them, be it everyday or on special outings. Let's check them out!

Shinchon - the area where the young people hang out! - is JY's school area, so the most familiar to her, especially the Hyundai department store area connecting from the Shinchon station. It's a good meeting place to wait for friends. Of course the pitfall is the sales that are often going on here, so she is bound to go on impulse shopping sprees every once in a while.

There's a place called 2nd floor where they specialise in cocktails and beer. This is the hangout place for JY and her 4 uni friends when they meet. Favourite accompaniment to the drinks (her go-to drink is Edelweiss, an Austrian brand) is donkasu, with the cheese and sauce squeezed on top of the crunchy fried beef. The downside? No sojus or spicy stews/soups here.

For sojus in the Shinchon area, JY goes to Honga. It's a franchise, where you get unlimited mussel pots. Unlimited. She took MS and I to the Gangnam branch after work once, and I must say, it was satisfying. I especially liked the spicy seafood/mussel ddokbokki here. Yum.

Because JY is from Guri, an area just outside of Seoul, she would also like to suggest Cafe Arista. As a Gurienne, she spent a lot of time here to procrastinate and has a lot of memories since her high school years. Good atmosphere, though not the cheapest of the places. Thumbs up for being a stone's throw away from home - always a good reason ;)

Thank you JY for contributing to the blog. With JY, I am terminating the Seoul 3 series. It's been two weeks since I have returned to Auckland, NZ. The weather is fantastic this weekend, and I am still busy settling into my new apartment for the next six months. Hence the sporadic blog posts, I am so very sorry! Hopefully I will be back on track soon-ish :)

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