Seoul 3: NR

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Seoul is a big city with so many places to go and things to do and see and eat! Since my Seoul experiences are not wholly representative of all that is on offer here, I've asked a few friends about their Seoul. Here are three random things Seoul means to them, be it everyday or on special outings. Let's check them out!

I like N's neighbourhood, Nowon-gu, because I used to live in the area as well when I was young in Seoul. It's located in the upper eastern part of Seoul, off in it's own corner, but it's a fairly nice middle class district to grow up in.

N likes to visit Insa-dong, like so many of the tourists and Seoulites. Though some feel that the area has become too commercial of late.

N's special eating place would be 'I Have a Dream' in Gangnam. The pasta and pizza place is popular even amongst the celebrities, and is famous for its strawberry pizzas. I hear that you definitely have to book, and that the long lines form, without fail, every night.

N says, for her, 'I Have a Dream' has the best cream pasta in Seoul. Perhaps it's also because the restaurant holds a special souvenir for N. This is where she and her boyfriend went for their first date! Cute! :)

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