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Sunday, March 24, 2013

I've been moving from one cellphone to another for the last month, and resetting each one has been a pain in the back. It's not over yet, though! My flatmate S keeps poking at my sides to get the latest Samsung Galaxy, but I don't know...

Here are some photos that I never posted.
Tofu salad! I have salads pretty much every day now. It's one of the good things about not living in Korea any more, I am not forced to eat rice for every single meal, which I found a bit too heavy for me at times. I like rice, but it's just not for me for every day, and I like my variety - long grain, jasmine, etc, not just the short sticky ones. The above salad was after the Chocolate Expo in COEX I went with JY and MS, as a reminder to make it myself in NZ. Yum!
YH and AL and I had a last catch up before I left Korea, at this small bar in Gangnam. The tortilla pizza was as small as the bar, but surprisingly filling. Probably the large blue Hawaiian cocktail helped in filling my stomach, though it was more soda than alcohol.
A sunset in Korea. From my apartment.
The first place I went to on landing back in Auckland, was my favourite cafe/bar/restaurant, Mezze. No surprises for any of my Auckland friends here. Guess what I had. Eggs' Benedict with salmon. No surprises there for my Korean friends, either, because I've been practically singing my longing for this brunch dish for ever. Hollandaise sauce, I love you. This was a total splurge brunch on my part, because I was really famished after my flight, and I needed all the energy I could get to drag all of my luggage to the other side of town to my temporary lodging before the real move.
This was, from memory, the day of the move. I moved all my stuff into my room and had a lazy afternoon at a local cafe, leafing through all my favourite magazines and chatting away with mum on the phone. This cafe has since become a favourite for quick brekkie pickups before work. Their date scones are quite nice, and lattes are not too bad either.
My stuff. Like, everything I own. Not much, huh? But still, think I could, and should, reduce it down a little more. I don't need so many duvets, and I should probably get rid of more books. I also had to buy another bed.  At least two of those bags will have to go before I move out of Auckland in six months' time.
I really want to make this. Soon.

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