To go healthy snacks, easy does it

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This summer I've been so healthy, many of you will be so proud of me. Not that I had been particularly bad before, but im eating more at home and spending more time in the kitchen which I love.
My go to snack this Summer has been vege sticks and hummus. Mostly carrots - I love their sweetness. And hummus!!
Apart from muesli in the morning with milk or plain yoghurt, my usual lunch and dinner consists of fresh green salads, whether by themselves or accompanied. Last night, I had the salad in a pita bread. Very delish and healthy.
New Zealand is currently undergoing a debate whether to put higher tax on sweet foods to discourage unhealthy diets. But perhaps the focus should be more towards encouraging healthy diets. Higher tax is not going to help in a society where the goods and services tax is already one of the highest in the world, at 15%, and it certainly won't be helping the poorer families.
I have already mentioned before that fruit and vege in NZ is way more expensive than in Europe. Dairy products cost significantly more which is ironic seeing as our number one company is a milk company, Fonterra. To be budget conscious and have a reasonably healthy diet is possible, but from experience it required me to always get the same stuff every week: tomatoes, carrots, spinach, apples, milk, pasta, muesli, a tin of tuna. That's already 30NZD and it gets boring after a while.
If the government looked more at subsidising the fruit and vege section of our grocery stores, for the healthy being of our Kiwi society, it would be much appreciated, thank you very much. Make the avocadoes and tomatoes easier to get, then maybe we can work on the dairy products afterwards.

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