Playing grown up dress up

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I don't remember playing dress up as a girl. Definitely not in mum's clothes. The only make up of her I'd played with were her nail polishes. She didn't have many but they were enough. Like now, I didn't need much to be satified, even then.

I don't go shopping often, and certainly don't usually go out of my way to drive out to buy clothes. Within walking distance is fine, thank you, and only the things that are necessary if possible, please.
But when asked to go to Takapuna for a shopping session, I said yes. Takapuna holds some good memories for me. It also has a good store, a lovely beach, and some cool eating places.
I think these suit me.
Those rainboots would be so good right now. The wet season has begun in Auckland from this week.
Having fun dressing up in the stores.

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