The hunt for orzo pasta

Friday, April 12, 2013

I have been wanting to try out this pasta type called orzo, which looks like rice grains. The online store of the local grocery store said that they had it, but I could never find it and the employees were no better at the search either. Out of defeat, I decided I would just go for the alternative and end the months long hunt with something called risoni pasta instead. Risoni looks like rice grains too, like orzo pasta is supposed to be. I honestly didn't know what the difference was. The size maybe?

Guess what. A quick Google search and a Wiki page reading later, here is the truth - orzo is risoni and risoni is orzo. The rice like pasta has two names. I had been staring at it for months and dismissing it for nothing.

Well, now I know. You know what else? It's really nice. Dinner last night: risoni/orzo pasta with mushroom soup. I ate so much I felt sick. It was that nice.

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