Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Starting work at 7 in the morning each day has its ups, mainly in that I get to finish early. But for a person who never skips breakfast, who is inclined to a few extra minutes in bed before dragging herself out to dash out the door to the office... Finding a cafe that is open early enough, one that has a decent takeaway breakfast menu and is not too out of the way, can be tricky. 

No, I don't want McDonald's, thank you (, most of the time).

I usually go to Stark's, but they open from 8am now. Drats. I loved their almond croissants because they are the best for value in town. Sometimes I go to the Gloria Jean's cafe on Kitchener Street because their date scone is the nicest, nearest to the office. 

Where's your favourite too-early-in-the-morning cafe?

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