Comedy night: Idiots of Ants

Saturday, May 04, 2013

It's finally Friday and you want to celebrate by catching up with a friend you haven't seen in ages. Not just a dinner, though, or just drinks. How about a comedy show? 

The 2013 NZ International Comedy Festival is on at the moment, so K and I thought it would be haha fun to  check out one of the shows. At first we wanted to go to the Classic Comedy Bar on Queen Street, but the two shows we were interested in were already fully booked for the night. Drats. 

Our next venue of choice was the Q theatre, just next door. Idiots of Ants. Not sure why they are named that, so don't ask. The show took place in a spacious modern theatre, and we were fortunate enough to seat in the first row, though off to a side. 

Idiots of Ants has heaps of short sketches up their sleeves. They got better as the show progressed on; in the end, we were all on our feet and singing/playing along, it's always fun to have a bit of audience interaction.
It was a bit of a cider night for me, an apple cider during the show, then Swedish pear ciders afterwards. Rekorderlig - have you heard of them? Flattie S brought one home last night, with her dinner. I immediately liked the packaging design, it's clean and girly and young and attractive. 
K had had Rekorderlig before as well, of which I was quite surprised because I had never heard of it before. We got a few flavours to try out back at his place. Lots of berry flavours. I liked the mixed berry one (not shown in the picture) more than the mango/strawberry one. 

K and I actually decided to try another comedy sketch in a few weeks' time. Laugh out loud, it's good for you :)

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