Dessert place: Milse

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Behind Ortolana is another hidden cave of delicate sweet treasures, called Milse.
If you still haven't been, it's imperative that you do. Take your partner. Invite your little sister. Treat your mum - what did you get her for Mother's day?

Milse is the new hippest patisserie in town to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Be quick to get there if you want a  table, because this tiny place do not take reservations, and gets packed pretty quickly, especially on Friday nights. On Sunday evenings you may be more lucky. 

Once you score a table or a seat at the bar, you'll be given a menu, with all sorts of delights - tarts, gateaux, macarons, gelato pops... You mark the ones you want and hand them to the waiters. While waiting, sip on your sparkling water; so easy to pretend that you are in Europe, haha. 

I always get a macaron of the day with something else. The last time it was a fig tart with mascarpone, ooh, so good! The other thing I like about Milse is that they are open all day, until around 11.30pm on most nights (10.30pm on Sundays).

I'm taking the girls at the office here on Friday - they are so excited! 

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