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Friday, May 31, 2013

Why is it that one becomes slacker as the weather gets colder? Perhaps it's only me. During the warm season I've been so good, going for regular runs outside, tramping, eating healthily with my 5+ a day and 8 glasses of water, too.

The colder it gets the less I want to move, and so I find myself staying indoors more. Except at my place there is no Internet, so it's reading time or chatting time or movie watching time. No TV or radio, either, though. Valuable time the old fashion way, if you like.

Not any longer!

After weeks of research and phone calls, we finally have Internet access right at home, so I can finally actually do stuff like Google or email any time I want. It's so great! I feel so connected right now.

Just in time for June, soon!

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