Brunch place: Shaky isles, after a night out

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hello morning coffee. Late morning coffee. 

After a busy week and a long awaited sleep in on the first day of the weekend, it was good to be out on a Saturday night. M is super busy going through her Chartered Accountant exams at the moment, so we booked in to spend some fun time together after one of her workshops. 

It's been June 15, night out with M on my calendar, since a month ago. We were both really looking forward to dressing up and going out, a change from the usual house gatherings. Yes, I got to wear my new electric blue dress! I even agreed to a quick SingStar session beforehand, something I try to avoid, normally. It was actually surprisingly fun, for once. Perhaps the wine helped, haha.

The singing continued on in the taxi ride to town, with the quietly bemused driver as our sole audience. I'm sure he gets all sorts of silly people in his white car all the time. We were amongst the early ones. The empty dance floor of the place we went to filled up as the night got older, and the dancing got crazier. Group dancing, solo dancing, partner dancing, heyyyyyy! youuuuuu! oooooooh!! It was a good change from the other sleazy atmospheres I usually encounter in nightclubs the few times that I go out, plus the toilet seats could actually be sat on and there were toilet papers, still, at the end of the night. I think I will come here again, next time. 

Then we decided we had had enough. Arm in arm and mirroring matching tired silly smiles, we got out in the fresh breeze of the early morning air, not quite dusk. I am so lucky I live in town. Walk, walk, walk, open, drop, zzzzzz.

I enjoy drinking but am a sensible drinker, so I don't have major hangovers. (Only mild headaches, sometimes.) After a night-long workout dancing, though, a good brunch is always a good idea. The store only had outdoor sitting available, and we didn't want to get wet, so C and I went to Shaky Isles instead. Thank goodness it didn't rain the night before.  My brunch menu was poached eggs on silver beet and rye bread. They didn't have egg's Benedict so this was the alternative. The photo makes it look small, but it was actually quite filling. I took my time, not wanting to go out in the cold wet weather any time soon. Love lazy mornings. 

After an afternoon of cleaning the apartment and a movie, I am ready to face another week... almost. 

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