Coffee place: Touch Africa

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have a favourite café in Korea. Also a favourite food place. Typical that my favourite places in Korea are both eating and drinking places, and that neither of them are traditionally Korean.

My favourite café was conveniently close to gran's, which was really lucky for me because it meant that I could stay out just that much longer to chat away with S, who introduced me to this place in the first place. Also that she also lived quite nearby, because otherwise she would not have come out so far. Seoul is such a widespread city!

So, the café's name is Touch Africa. It has a website: and serves fair trade coffee, specialising in the hand drip style.

I love the cosy atmosphere inside, especially since it was a freezing cold, snow heaped white winter while I was over there. Touch Africa has artworks by local artists on the walls, so it's like a small gallery. They change every so often, so you are never bored here.

The coffee menu oozes with poetic names like Lovers, Gentleman, Actress, His Memory, Solitary loneliness. The black coffee we order comes in these beautiful cup and saucer sets, I wanted to come everyday just so I can see how many of these lovely things they've got!

I wanted to make a little video of these photos, but you will get a similar effect by just scrolling quickly down them..

Until next time, Touch Africa! :)

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