Dinner in a pot: Moules marinière

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

R tells me that it's Winter Solace in two days' time. It's meant to be snowing buckets in Canterbury this week. Cold weather means hot food to try warming us up, at least in our insides. I need more socks and long sleeved tops, and definitely a beanie or at least something to cover up my ears... in bed when I go to sleep at nights. I cannot believe how it can be so cold in my room.
Simple mussel pot to fill the home with warming delicious aroma. New Zealand mussels are huge compared to the tiny black mussels found in Belgian restaurants. They are green shelled and pretty important to our economy. Bigger means not as many can be fitted into the pot but still has more chews per mussel flesh, so I guess it evens out. 

Slice your onion into thin slices and cook in the pot with a dollop of butter, until transparent. Pour in about 1/2 cup of white wine, place your cleanly scrubbed mussels into the pot and cook until the lips are open. Add in some crème fraîche, too. 

This is a variation of Emmie Khoo's Little Paris Kitchen recipes. I love tiny, but well equipped, kitchen :)

Bon appetit !

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