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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I was never a student with a laptop in lecture rooms at uni; I preferred the old fashion pen and paper. Perhaps a part of the reason was that my laptop was just too big and heavy to be carried around so much without breaking my back, or more precisely, my shoulder.

Now that I am working though, I find that laptops and computers are necessary. So necessary, in fact, that my face is never out of its screen. 

The Internet and its realm of possibilities is to blame. My projects this month include online marketing using Google AdWords, learning to code with the help of Coding For Good and Codeacademy, building a website from the knowledge I have gained, and getting into the swing of the Spanish language (thanks, Duolingo)... all with the help of my laptops and cellphone. 

My head spins.
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Allez, au boulot !

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