Mexico and movies

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wondering where I've been lately? It's so cold nowadays that I am pretty much forced to stay indoors much of the time, but... 

I have also been spending some in Mexico and various cinemas.

I wish I meant Mexico, that warm country between the States in the north and Guatemala in the South with the big long bulging South American continent tailing behind. No, it was just Mexico, the restaurant/bar just a few blocks down from my place. My favourite soft taco place in Auckland.
After Mexico each time, came the movie sessions. 

The first was Remembrance, a foreign movie at Lido cinemas on Dominion Road. Must mention that Lido is probably the poshest film place I've ever been to, with the cleanest toilets, fireplace-bookshelf-armchair donned sitting room, and plush wide seats. Almost like watching a movie at a very rich person's house. 

A Polish boy and Jewish girl meet at a concentration camp during World War II, miraculously escape, lose each other... until the girl sees him on TV thirty years on. Not the happiest of stories, not the saddest, either. A bit romanticised view of the War and the against-the-odds love story, though inspired by true events.
A random shot of a Korean pancake I had last week.

The second movie was the Internship. Funny! Also familiar, able to relate, since Google is recognisable by everyone who uses computers. I know I am guilty of delving into so many of their products, which is quite scary at one level because I am so dependable on Google!
Ice cream weather it is definitely not, right now.

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