Brunch place: The depot

Friday, July 19, 2013

Back to caffeine fixes again. I hadn't even really realised I'd been off them, strangely, but guess I had been a tab bit busy these days. The past few weeks have been full of early morning starts with the moonlight still shining the way to work, and late night outings with goodbye dinners and such.
When dinners haven't been possible, there were weekend brunches as well, of course. The Depot does all of breakfast, lunch and tea, though. Just across the Sky Tower next to the Convention centre entrance, I had heard many good reviews of this place. I love the new trending eating places with the open kitchen spaces where the chefs are hard at work and huge communal tables with mix matched chairs, in a modern or industrial but both quite hip atmospheres. 
The Depot is definitely more rustic hip industrial, with shabby high wooden table and stools, white tiles in the open kitchen space, and a huge patchwork styled colourful sliding door to the toilets. The light is always on dim even during the day, in almost a conspiratorial secret meeting kind of way. Or, that could be just me.
The Depot prides itself on dealing only with the best ingredients. For their breakfast menu, between 7 and 10.45am, they only have three choices each morning. We ordered mini French inspired beignets with passion fruit cream cheese on the side, and a bacon and egg doona. Not sure why they are called doonas, I'm so sure I've never heard of this word associated to anything other than duvets and blankets to sleep with, not with foods. Anyhow, I always love the occasional chewy warmness of bacon strips for my brekkie.
I wish I could have spend the whole day here, conspiring secrets with my fellow eatery connoisseur S, but unfortunately we were both tied to other schedules this day. I will have to hold my spending habits on close watch from now on, seriously, I need to start saving to fund my move to Melbourne next month! 

Open from 7am
86 Federal St, Auckland
Ph. 09 363 7048

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