Coffee place: Queenie's lunchroom

Sunday, July 14, 2013

M picked me up on Saturday morning for breakfast coffee. The weather was a lovely blue with the sun shining, and refreshed from the dancing night before, I was in a pretty good mood.
Queenie's lunchroom unfortunately only had raisin scones, so I went for the sweet berry and chocolate muffin instead. I love my scones but only ever plain or dates if I can help it. They also cannot be too crumbly...
A tiny corner place, the seats inside were all taken. Even though I would have liked to spend time enjoying the interior, with the colour-by-number mural on one side, waving Queen Elizabeth IIs on the shelves on another, we were fine with the outdoor sitting arrangement.
Lot of locals stopped by for takeaway coffees. I must say, I really liked the dry cappuccino, it was smooth and not so bitter in taste. Also the service here was really nice, very friendly and cute. Going to miss M so much!

Queenie's Lunchroom
24A Spring St,
Freemans Bay,
Open 7 days, until 3.30pm 

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