Dinner place: El sizzling chorizo

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Tienes hambre? 

There are many Mexican places popping up around the Auckland city, but did you know that there are a couple of South American places to be found spotted here and there, as well?
El Sizzling Chorizo is a small Argentinian BBQ place, in a food court-type warehouse hub in the middle of Ponsonby Road, that trendy part of town I would love to frequent more.
Nestled between a Napoli Italian pizzeria and a Sushi bar, El Sizzling Chorizo boys are busy at their grills cooking up meat for their never ending line of customers.
Monday after office dinner consisted of: empanadas, fried potato chunks, chorizos y pan and an assortment of meat, accompanied by mesclun salad,
and Pheonix organic drinks for each of us. 
South Americans are huge meat eaters. You would be hard pressed to find pure vegetarians amongst the bunch. Our meat platter was topped with lamb, beef, pork and chicken breast. I think I liked them exactly in that order, actually, all in their perfectly tender chewiness and smoked aroma.


Gracias to B for taking us here. Quiero mucho la comida de Argentina ahora! :)

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