Drink place: Mexican café & Salsa

Sunday, July 14, 2013

One, two, three. Five, six, seven. 

Following the one salsa class on my birthday, I've been meaning to put into practise the few basic steps I'd learnt on a real dance floor. Mexican café is the perfect place to shake out the work fatigue of the week. Every weekend from around 11pm, the tables are cleared up to give space to the Latin dance enthusiasts around Auckland. Some of them are damn-so-good, perfectly at ease with their and their partners bodies, and also oogling eyes of the appreciative crowd that inevitably form around them. 

Beginners, never fear! Grab yourself a drink and shake, shake, shake the nerves off your hips. My Friday night drink of choice was Blue Moon margarita, because of the pretty colour, but yo pienso que Mexican café does better fruit margaritas - passion fruit is a good choice. While at the bar, scan around for potential partners. Like the two lone guys standing around to the right of you, especially the shorter one with a crew cut ;)

You don't have to be a salsa sensation to have a good time. At the beginning of the night there is a quick introductory lesson covering the essential basic moves, to the front, to the side, and the opening up turns. Of course, it is easier for me as a girl, because I only have to follow the guy's lead, taking a bit of pressure off on my part. Mind you, it still requires attention reading your partner's next moves. But, you know what? The short crew cut A and I being beginners didn't stop us from having fun, haha.

The girls and I are so keen to get back every week. I would love to be as sexy spinning around the room as those amazing girls on the dance floor. 
Muchos besos de la noche del viernes, xx

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