High tea place: Stamford hotel

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My flatmate S is a fan of GrabOne vouchers. Actually, so is my mum. S bought two tickets to a high tea with bubblies session at Stamford hotel on Albert St in Auckland. Us girls thought it would be a fun excuse to dress up for the occasion.
The high tea session began with a Moet champagne cheers.
Don't let the first glance fool you. To be shared between two, I thought we wouldn't have enough, but by the end I got so full that I couldn't even finish my dessert. We worked ourselves bottom up.

Bottom tray: Hereford beef, mustard and mayo / Prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella / Citrus chicken, cranberry relish
Middle tray: Scones, mascarpone and jam / Mini smoked salmon bagel / Stamford signature curry puffs
Top tray: Macaron / Opera / Strawberry and champagne truffle / Marshmallow

From the dessert tray I could only fit in a macaron. They were all very sweet. I really liked the bottom tray the most, especially the club sandwiches in the centre.
Photo fun with the girls :) Thanks S for the bottom two photos.

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