Lunch place: Art gallery café

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I wish I went to the art gallery more often. The collections, the shop, the tiny library where hardly anyone goes to, the café/restaurant... I love it all. The new exhibition on modern California design just opened up, so R and I took advantage of a rainy Sunday to wander into the collections. The architecture blueprints, houses on which it never ever rains, with huge garages and lawns perfect for sunbathing; furniture with Mexican and Asian influences; futuristic kitchenware and accessories; colourful swimwears and surfboards. We especially liked a poster of the New York city in paint tubes - we would like reproductions each, please!
It was R's virgin visit to the gallery, so of course I had to take her to the café - also because I was hungry for lunch and wanted to check out the complementary menu to the new exhibition. We got a Napa Valley tasting platter to share. A mixture of sweet and salty tastes of biscotti, pitted olives, prosciutto, smoked salmon, a generous cut of semi soft brie cheese, dolmades and chutney was served, with a rich berry blended African dream infused tea for two.. Heavenly!!

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