Lunch place: Pegasus Bay Winery

Friday, July 26, 2013

The gorgeous weather in Canterbury, NZ, continues, hopefully for as long as I am down here! Mum and Dad decided to take me out to a lovely winery out in Amberley, about 45 minutes out of Christchurch. 
How many entertaining nights must I have to be able to recreate their interior, do you think?
Pegasus Bay Windery is cosy, and under the cloudless sky it was as if a small patch of Italy had been placed in the wop wops of Canterbury.
Out on the backyard there are swarms of giant eels hungry for their lunch feed. Before our lunch was served, a helicopter arrived to park next to the garden, the pilot just casually flying in for a good lunch on a sunny day. Mum wants me to have my wedding reception here, haha. No rush, Mum..
Appetizer: cold Gazpacho, the Spanish tomato soup, in a dainty espresso cup. Yum! Dad was tempted for seconds, haha.
Mum is not much of a drinker, so Dad and I got halfs of the 2007 and 2010 Pinot Noirs. Pegasus Bay wines are even recognised by Robert Parker, earning a 5 Star rating from him a few years back. Robert Parker's stars are a big thing in the Wine community - they are pretty much king and can break or make your wine sales that year. That one man's taste and ticks can have so much power - that is influence for you. 
We got an Angus sirloin steak,
and a Platter for two - very mediterranean, with different kinds of cheese, chickpeas, Italian hams, olives, bruschetta, pita breads, frittata...
Oh, let's not forget the NZ Bluff oysters! These are Kiwi delicacies, from Bluff in the South. Bluff oysters are bigger than the normal ones and meatier too. 
For dessert, an affogato each for Mum and I, and a glass of latte for Dad. Such a filling meal, thank you so much, Mum, Dad!!
Pegasus Bay winery restaurant has won numerous NZ Winery Restaurant of the Year awards, in 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011... It is rated as one of the Restaurants where Chefs eat. 
Behind the house there are olive groves and further up, flocks of shaven sheep. Lucky the weather is really warm these days, haha. 
I want to live in a place like these: sunny warm temperatures, olive trees (also oranges/mandarins and cherries), a small winery, a small paddock of sheep. I will make my own wine and cheese and live quietly, with many fun evenings in the garden with family and friends... 

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