Reading: Mindfulness by Ellen J. Langer

Saturday, July 13, 2013

On self image:

'...many of the limits we accept as real are illusory.'
 Once we conform ourselves into a label and become too comfortable in a mindset, we become dependent to it. Only in my early, almost mid, 20s, I don't want to become mindless in this self-induced dependence just yet. The fear of the unknown may lure me into staying put in the city I have become so used to, where I have met many lifelong friends in a close circle around me to call and meet up at a moment's notice. But it is also that same fear of the unknown that excites me to broaden my sense of self. To test myself in an unfamiliar territory, to taste the vulnerability of being in a new surrounding and setting myself up there.

It would be easier to develop tentatively little by little from where I already am, meeting new people and learning new skills where I have a firm support close by, ready to hold my hand when necessary. But I am young and, perhaps foolishly, daring. If I cannot plunge myself into a deep adventure now, when else would I be able to? What if I regret playing safe later on?

You always gain some, lose some. Others invest on properties, for a secure future. I am not at that stage yet, I guess..

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